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Indian Herbal Pills is a new biological supplement. Many athletes want to gain muscle mass without usinganabolic steroids and without harm to the body, or lose weight. Indian Herbal Pills is exactly what an athlete needs. Our product does not cause negative consequences and allows you to achieve
a visible effect from the reception as soon as possible.

Lotus from Indian Herbal Pills is the perfect solution for those who want to lose weight. To facilitate the fight against fat, the world famous company has released 100% natural Lotus capsules. In just one course, this tool will allow you to lose up to ten kg of excess weight.

Lotus acts in a way that reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism. As a result, fat is burned.

The main properties of Pills:

  • Smooth weight loss;
  • Increased immunity;
  • Anticatabolic effect;
  • Decrease in the percentage of body fat.

For the best result, while taking this dietary supplement, you should follow a protein diet and consume up to 2 liters of water per day.

Lotus also contains a vitamin-mineral complex based on herbs and extracts. Therefore, during the course should not take other vitamin preparations.

Lotus is ideal for both athletes and non-sports people.

Side effects

  1. A sharp decrease in the amount of fluid in the body;
  2. Lower blood pressure.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, breast-feeding, people under 18 years of age. Consult a doctor before taking.

Himalayan Bear

Himalayan Bear from Indian Herbal Pills will help once and for all solve the important weight gain problem for many. This is a difficult and lengthy process. But Bear’s natural capsules to increase muscle mass allow you to gain up to 8 kg per course.

This dietary supplement from the leading producer in India of Indian Herbal Pills natural supplements is suitable not only for athletes, but simply for people who want to gain weight.

Properties and Effects

Himalayan Bear carries only a natural composition. Main components: Radix codonopsis pilosula, Fructus chaenomelis speciose, Rhizoma atractylodis and Radix astragali seu hedysari. All herbs and extracts act as follows: increase appetite and contribute to the rapid growth of muscles.

Main features:

  • Increased appetite;
  • Improving immunity;
  • Acceleration of blood circulation;
  • A surge of strength.

Some side effects are possible:

  1. Dizziness.
  2. Drowsiness.
  3. Acne.

All problems are eliminated after the termination of reception of funds.

Himalayan Bear contraindications

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age, nursing and pregnant women, as well as people with individual intolerance to the ingredients.

Not a drug. Before you start taking it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Testonorm from Indian Herbal Pills provides dietary supplements to increase testosterone in men. The slightest lack of this hormone entails various kinds of dysfunctions of organs and systems, weakness, drowsiness, and decreased libido. To replenish the required amount of this substance, this drug will effectively help.

Testonorm is recommended to buy primarily for those who engage in sports, bodybuilding or experience any problems with erectile function.

Dietary supplement action

  • Normalization of testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Normal functioning of all organs and systems of the male body.
  • Improving the general psycho-emotional state.
  • Elimination of problems of sexual dysfunction.
  • Elimination of laziness and fatigue
  • Muscle gain

Indian Herbal Pills dietary supplements are completely natural preparations, the basis of which are the substances necessary for every man. Obtained from raw materials of plant origin, they have high biological activity and can quickly achieve restoration of the hormone imbalance in the blood. We can say with full confidence that dietary supplements for testosterone are necessary for every man leading an active lifestyle, doing sports, regularly experiencing stress or problems from the sexual side.

The composition of this dietary supplement is only natural components: zinc, eurycoma, clomiphene.

Why zinc is useful:

  • Reproductive system
  • Immunity
  • Nails
  • Vision
  • Hair
  • Serotonin production
  • Leather

Euricom- At the moment, long-leaved euricome is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs, which are characterized by plant origin. However, accurate studies on this subject have not been conducted. Men who have experienced the effect of the root note the effect in terms of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse and enhancing erection. The number of positive reviews about the long-leaved eurycoma is many. Its composition includes just a huge amount of active substances, which can have a beneficial effect.

The extract from the roots of eurycoma is used as a tool to combat diseases such as sexual dysfunction, the aging process, malaria, a malignant tumor, diabetes mellitus, protracted depression, pain and so on. The roots of the plant are used as an aphrodisiac, an appetite motivator, an antibiotic, and also as an additive to improve health.

Clomiphene citrate is an antiestrogen whose binding effect extends to the hypothalamus and gonads. In men, clomiphene in therapeutic doses enhances the secretion of testosterone. The purpose of using clomiphene is to increase the number of sperm in the seminal fluid.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the composition

Not recommended for admission to persons under 18 years of age. Consult a doctor before taking.
TestoUP is a supplement made up of natural ingredients that aids in body balance and sexual performance. Its formula is divided into 4 Roots, which allies, guarantee numerous benefits to the body such as energy, satiety, libido improvement and sexual performance, as well as hormonal control and fight against impotence and premature ejaculation.
Drug to stimulate the production of testosterone in a natural way. It will be useful to all athletes who seek to achieve a powerful physique and strengthen all body systems.
Yohimbe is a popular nutritional supplement made from the bark of an African evergreen tree. This supplement is often used to treat erectile dysfunction. The use of yohimbe to reduce the fat layer has also become a rapidly growing trend among bodybuilders.
Spirulina is a unique means to maintain the immune system and health. Its composition provides the human body with a whole range of vital substances.
of prostate adenoma.
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